Speaking of Fast Food FAIL

Ok. So something is UP with the Sonic in Johnson. I don't think I mentioned it here, but Monday morning I drove through for my usual Route 44 Diet Coke and was told "sorry, we're out of Route 44 lids". Pardon? Out of lids? O. K. So I downgraded to a Large, shared my misfortune with Twitter, and went on about my day. All the while wondering how logical it might be to order the same number of CUPS as LIDS and how well that might work… I know. Logic ruins everything.

I got to work that day to discover that two of my coworkers had also fallen victim to the Johnson Lid Famine. I love that among the three of us – we had three different solutions to this problem. I just got a large instead. Teresa ordered a Route 44 anyway – sans lid. And Jennifer made Sonic give her a medium AND a large for the price of a Route 44. Clearly I am lacking in problem-solving creativity…

So today. Teresa and I gather drink orders from our cube-neighbors and drive down the street to take advantage of Sonic Happy Hour. We maneuver through the PACKED parking lot, FINALLY get up to the drive-thru speaker to hear – get this – "before you order, just wanna tell you that we're out of ice." To which I reply (before thinking OR remembering my manners), "What the HELL?"

Seriously? ICE? This is freaking SONIC! And it's HAPPY HOUR! And it's, ICE! You MAKE it. Out of WA-TER. Out of ice? Go make some! Oh sorry, we seem to be out of frozen water. Unacceptable.

Sonic Ice  

It took me until we pulled up at the next-nearest Sonic to calm down from my rant about how incredibly ridiculous it is to run out of ice. And – clearly – I'm still not over it. Ice, people. Iiiiiiiice! This is kinda like when I worked at Outback and we would periodically run out of Prime Rib. Not ok! I personally think places that can't keep it together enough to offer the basics – should close for the day and try again tomorrow. Chick-fil-A out of chicken? Close the doors. Sonic? Out of ICE? You fail at life.

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  1. Once again….it was that 3rd grade Crayola project that created your drive and enthusiasm to protect consumer rights!

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