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About Me

Some kids are good at sports and others are good at math or art or history -- I was good at writing. I think my parents were a little surprised the day I announced I would be going to business school. What? No English degree? Since when do you want to be a CPA? I eventually made my way back to storytelling with a career in marketing, and I never stopped writing.

I really, honestly love words. I roll them around in my mouth, I agonize over choosing just the right word for that something I want to say — even if ten synonyms will get the job done just fine — and I fill Pinterest boards and walls in my house with words, words, words. Words are my thing. And words strung together into a genuine story — that’s where it’s at.

Growing up an Army brat gave me a unique perspective I wouldn't trade for the world -- but no good answer to the question, "where are you from?" My husband and I now make our home in Fayetteville, Arkansas - my adopted hometown - and I write plenty of stories of falling in love with Northwest Arkansas and raising our son to enthusiastically call the Hogs.

It’s a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself. — Lester Burnham, American Beauty


About this Site

This blog is a love letter to how big and inspiring and genuinely fun life can be. The stories you'll find here are told through the eyes of a millennial-in-denial, a working mom looking for balance, an adventurer determined to squeeze every drop of love and laughter and life out of this world. I've been writing my entire life, and I started doing it right here in March 2005. This blog is a chronological account of much of the living and growing I've done since then.  The primary topics have evolved somewhat since the early days, but my commitment to saying YES to life and capturing it in words has never changed.

For a more thorough introduction to the storytelling you'll find on the blog, start here.


Other Projects

Raised in a military family, I was surrounded by incredible examples of service and developed a heart for service early in life. I proudly serve in the following capacities in my community:

  • American Red Cross of Arkansas – Northwest Arkansas Chapter: Board of Directors 
  • The 1LT Tom Martin Memorial Foundation, an organization established by my family in memory of my brother Tom, KIA in Iraq October 14, 2007: Board of Directors, Marketing and Social Media Director
  • Having completed several marathons and half marathons, I volunteer in a marketing and social media capacity within the Northwest Arkansas running community.

A complete list of my freelance work and other features can be found here. I am available to speak to your group on topics including military and Gold Star family perspective,  living an active lifestyle, and work/life balance.

Contact Me

Contact me with speaking, writing, and interview requests via email HERE or via social media.

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