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This blog is a combination of storytelling and inspiration.

Welcome to a lifestyle blog that is more LIFE than STYLE. What you'll find here is a collection of stories told through the eyes of a millennial-in-denial, a working mom looking for balance, and an adventurer. I fancy myself a student of life, I believe in the power of words, and I believe life is beautiful and fun -- and far too short.

Years ago, I decided not to live passively. After an active, happy, curious childhood I started to evolve into a happy but passive, complacent adult. Then in 2007, my brother Tom was killed in Iraq -- much, much too soon. And a few months later, I became a mom and a new path began to emerge for me. I didn't quit my job and travel the world, or sell everything and live out of my car. I didn't even change my hairstyle. From the outside looking in, my life seemed to move on as normal. But what had changed forever was my outlook. 

Standing at the intersection of life and death - with my brother's death and entering this new chapter of motherhood - I was up close and personal with "life's too short". So I decided to live that way.

I started living a life of saying YES.  

Here I write about that lifestyle, hoping to inspire other moms, other families, other people feeling a tug toward a more active lifestyle. I want my words and my stories to inspire you to say YES to adventure big and small.


I go, do, see, try, travel, learn -- then come here and put it in words.


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