Wednesday March 30, 2005

I only THOUGHT I would get out of CW with no drama last night.  What happened was a moral dilemma of sorts– tell me what you think about this…

A waitress, who will remain unnamed, waited on a group of 6 or 8 people in Billiards for several hours.  One of the women in this group is a regular and comes in every Tuesday with business associates/clients and whatnot.  These people drop several hundred dollars in the bar on a regular basis.  The tab came to $169something.  The woman paying the tab wrote the waitress a check for $175.  For those of you who know anything about tipping (there is a special place in heaven for you, btw) that is less than 10% and is a fairly crappy tip.  So the waitress comes into the kitchen waving the check around and bitching about what a cheap-ass this woman is and how long she’d waited on them and how unfair it was, blahdy blah.  The bartender, Lisa, immediately hands out the advice that the waitress should go ask them if they got bad service and find out what the problem is.  So the waitress rushes back out to billiards.  Long story short– The woman is completely humiliated as the waitress confronts her about the tip in front of her biggest corporate client whom she’s been trying to get to come out with her for a year.  She spent 10 minutes in the bathroom crying about it with a different waitress.  I get her attention as she’s leaving, as I didn’t want her to leave thinking no one knew about it and nothing would be done about it– I have waited on this girl several times, we know each other by name.  I apologize to her about the situation, tell her that I will talk to the waitress about it.  She assures me that she’ll be back, that she’s always had good service at Cool Water and that this won’t keep her from coming in again– which shocked me– if that happened to me, I would SO not be back.  So I go in the kitchen and inform this waitress how inappropriate I thought it was and how embarrassed I am for her.  I know how Rick would feel about it and I know that if he knew about it, it would be her last shift.  She feels terrible, of course, but that doesn’t change the fact that she felt the need to confront a customer about what she felt was an inadequate tip.  My humble opinion is that that is outrageously inappropriate.

The story gets better.  The girl calls Cool Water about 20 minutes later and tells me how impressed she was with the way I handled it and that she thinks I have management potential, she asks me about school and my major and how long I’ve worked at CW, yada yada.  She offers me a job.  She works for Tyson, doing I don’t know what. She said, even if I just want some experience over the summer, blah blah.  She gives me her phone number and tells me she’ll bring me a card when she comes in next week.

It’s really too bad that I have little interest in graduating as that was the first of two job offers last night.  The other was from this guy Miles who works for Robert Half International which is the world’s first and largest specialized financial recruiting service.  His job is to find accountants for different projects for large corporations.  They have exclusive auditing contracts with companies like Microsoft.  He brought me this big portfolio of information and a stack of business cards in case I can refer anyone to him and get a referral fee. 

I hate school.

This is a picture of Beth wearing a bunny mask we found behind the bar.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday March 30, 2005

  1. I think you should work for Selmer or Yamaha (both make musical instruments) and get me a really awesome sax for cheap!  Yay!  Screw accounting…   


  2. or maybe i could work for harley davidson. bleh

  3. That’s awesome Sarah!  Just wait til you get offered a job delivering pizza, I know you couldn’t resist it with all the fun stories I share!

  4. Give that lady a call, tell her you’re busting your hump to finish school, mean it, do it, and go work for her making beaucoups duckets which you can spend on buying and running your own restaurant/bar/grill place.  I might even come visit with all my Army buddies.  “Where you headed, LT?  The O-Club???”  “Nah, my sister owns that place down the road and you’re all invited.” 

    Think about it.  Your very own Cool Water.  I’m an excellent tipper. 

    Love you

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