Memorial Day Weekend with Cardinals and Characters

Two years ago, Jeff cooked up the idea to take Colt to a ballgame over Memorial Day Weekend and we jetted off to Los Angeles for a Dodgers game and a quick taste of Hollywood. Last year, we did it again with a weekend in Denver with the Rockies. And three times means it’s a tradition now, right?

We’re not necessarily Cardinals fans, just baseball fans! And we were in the mood for short and sweet — so a road trip to St. Louis it was.

Apparently… getting to town a few hours before the Sunday night game was a popular idea… and we were among hundreds of fans trying to check in to our downtown hotel and get back out into the sunshine. (Tip: ALWAYS download the app. ALWAYS. The Hilton Honors app saved our day with digital check-in and a digital key. And we didn’t have to set foot in that line.)

Hood boys at their 4th MLB park together. (And yes, those are really our seats. Jeff Hood doesn’t mess around…)

And Buddy snagged a ball!

It was a gorgeous evening in St. Louis and we had our fill of dogs and drinks — but the real memories of our night were in the characters we met around us. As soon as we sat down, we noticed two gentlemen in the row behind us. One man, on the end, was holding a score book in one hand and a Bud Light in the other. He had to be over 90 years old. Jeff asked him, “how long you been coming and scoring the game?” He grinned and said, “since 1942.” WHAT. That kicked off an entire evening of those two swapping favorite players and names and games and memories. This man has had season tickets in three different Cardinals stadiums now — and we could’ve listened to his stories for days. What a fan, and what a storyteller.

Hoods with Cardinals #1 Fan

Our buddy left when the Cards put in their closer, as if he just knew. The Cards went on to let a 3-0 lead slip away in the 9th and ultimately lost in the 10th inning.

But! Jeff spotted another favorite from our seats right behind the Braves dugout. And he made sure I had a pen handy as soon as the game was final.

Walt Weiss! Currently a member of the Braves coaching staff, but as far as Jeff Hood is concerned — he’s the 1988 American League Rookie of the Year. That ball is headed to his office tomorrow, to be sure, and he and Colt spent hours tonight looking through Jeff’s old baseball cards to find a Walt Weiss. These boys and baseball…

After Party :) This little ball player was OUT.

Thanks for a beautiful evening of baseball, St. Louis! Where to next year?

Love is the most important thing in the world,
but baseball is pretty good, too.
Yogi Berra

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