(Remedial) Gardening Wisdom: Always Have Plan B

So I had this vision.

When Colt brought home Gabby the Cabbage a few months ago, we were bitten by the gardening bug, and among the giant cabbage and the climbing tomato vines, I pictured a cascading fountain of juicy, adorable strawberries. I picked out cute red pots and bought strawberry bulbs(?) and my mom and dad painstakingly helped Colt plant them while I supervised and ensured they were carrying out The Vision.



And while the watermelons and sunflowers and cucumbers and tomatoes and everything else we planted in our flurry of gardening excitement has sprouted and thrived and spread its leaves — I’ve waited.

And every day. For weeks.



So today, I had a second vision. Of Plan B.


And Mama is getting her strawberry fountain.




2 thoughts on “(Remedial) Gardening Wisdom: Always Have Plan B

  1. Looking good, I can taste them already. A plan B is a good thing. :)

  2. Yeah my wife had to go plan B with our strawberries too. It happens.

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