Halloween 2016: Art Imitating Life

This week, when Colt asked to see photos of his past Halloween costumes, I told him about my early strategy to dress him in costumes that felt like real clothes. I knew he was unlikely to tolerate itchy jumpsuits or hats and helmets – so I went with ideas for costumes like Linus and Dennis the Menace who were essentially just famous little boys who wore little boy clothes. The strategy worked like a charm for as long as it needed to, and by the time he wanted to be a fireman or a worker bee or a Ninja Turtle — he could and would tolerate everything that went with it.

This year, we came full circle. We’ve passed the phase of wearing costumes that FEEL LIKE real clothes and into a phase in which his costume IS his real clothes.

With the exception of the socks, which I managed to convince him were essential to complete the look, this is all him. He is his father’s child.

Hood Family – Halloween 2016

(Taking a page out of his book, I ALSO wore my own clothes. I am Lumberjill. Because “Girl Who Owns Too Much Buffalo Check” isn’t a thing.)

We joined his buddies Tucker (Elf on the Shelf) and Mateo (Werewolf), and their neighbor Natalie for a bit of candy distribution at Tucker’s house and then we set out for Trick-or-Treating in Tucker’s amazing neighborhood near their school.

Colt carried his clubs every single step of Trick-or-Treating, and by the end he was getting pretty good at sidestepping up and down steps and sidewalks when necessary. He was committed!


Another beautiful Fayetteville evening with friends.

We said goodnight, parted ways, and topped off the evening with some Halloween bedtime reading from his favorite new book series. He had planned ahead and asked to swing by the library before Trick-or-Treating today so he’d be ready. And as we got in the car he said, “Mommy, I accomplished the goal I set. Get to Book 9 before Halloween.” He’s been reading every night, and made it to “The Case of the Halloween Ghost” right on time.

Happy Halloween, Buddy.




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