I am not known for my fashion sense. Last year, I finally came out with it and blogged about my journey to the end of the color wheel and back, but I knew black wouldn’t cut it for the family wedding we attended this weekend. Several weeks ago, as I flipped through my closet of black… grey… navy… I realized I needed help. And a friend on Facebook had just posted photos of a cocktail event she attended — and RENTED a dress.

Enter, Rent the Runway.

I’d never heard of it before, but after a few minutes of clicking around their site I realized this was the answer to my fashion deficiency. I could pick out a dress, look appropriately bright, springy, and wedding-appropriate, then send it back and never see it again! Yay for not having to stare at bright, springy, floral dresses in my closet and feel bad about not wearing them enough times to justify the price tag!

I surprised myself by really enjoying “shopping” on their site, and I felt great wearing the dresses! I needed two for the weekend — and would probably rent either of them again, if the occasion were right.

After posting a few snapshots from our weekend on Facebook today and reading “Love that DRESS!” about a dozen times, I realized this may be a well-kept secret I should share. So here ya go. As long as Rent the Runway is in business, I may never purchase a special occasion dress again.

If you decide to try it, use this link:

They didn’t compensate me for this post or anything, but we both get a discount if you use that referral link. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “That Dress

  1. thank you for this! i have thought about using it, for many of the reasons you stated! next time i need to be extra presentable, i will hit it up. i love your choices!

    1. You will love it! SOOOOO many options, and great range of price points. This was actually my second event to use it, and I’ll definitely use it again.

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