Competitive Sports is a Whole New Ballgame

Jeff, if this is how you feel when the Razorbacks play football… I am sincerely sorry for anything I’ve ever said to invalidate your feelings…

I said those words tonight just before cleaning the entire kitchen with my nervous, restless energy.

A new season of parenting arrived without warning today.  Competitive sports.

Colt’s been playing sports since kindergarten – that’s not the new part – but up until this year, they didn’t even keep score! I’ve been cheering and snapping photos and enjoying every last it’s-just-a-game moment. This season has been a whole new ballgame, so to speak.

No matter how many tear-jerking YouTube videos I’ve seen of Olympic athletes hugging and thanking their moms, I was 100% unprepared for the parental anxiety of competitive sports. As soon as the ballgame started tonight, my stomach was in knots and I couldn’t sit down. I spent the entire game pacing a circle just behind home plate, comforted only by the sight of Jeff pacing a slightly larger circle in the grass over my shoulder. What a mess.

Colt’s team won the regular season (which didn’t give me heartburn) and made the tournament. Tonight was the championship and the boys played so well — they led the entire game. But that didn’t keep me from wringing my hands and trying not to be sick until the very last out.

Little League Baseball Tournament

Go Crashers!

I am so proud of these boys! Colt had to miss the semi-finals for a family wedding this past weekend, and we watched our messages like a hawk that night to find out if he’d get to come back and play in the championship game. Too much anticipation for a girl who didn’t grow up playing, watching, or even enjoying sports. I’ve had no training!

Little League Baseball Tournament

If this is how I handle 7 year old baseball, the next 10 years could be LONG.

Sports, man. Mommy isn’t cut out for this.

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