Yesterday was amazing, but today is even better.

oscarsThe Oscars are on. I love the Oscars. My undying love for the storytelling of film is truly a post for another day, but the Oscars is a concentrated evening of the best stories and the best storytellers and they all look so sparkly and dangit I just love it all.

There was a time I looked forward to personally screening each Best Picture nominee, and as many other categories as possible. I went in to Oscars night with an informed opinion of the major categories. Inexplicably, I had a knack for it. I entered pools of Oscars predictions, and WON. I predicted Crash as Best Picture 10 years ago, people. CRASH.

You know what else I love? Timehop. The phone app that mines your social media activity and gives you a daily dose of what you were doing “1 year ago today” and “2 years ago today” and as far back as your online footprint will allow. I love the reminders of the snapshot-style storytelling I’ve been indulging in since some genius invented social media. I love the convenience of a daily, handheld window into the who, where, and when of my increasingly bad memory.

This week, the two have collided. Thanks to Timehop, I’ve been reminded all week that in years past, I’ve been Oscars-ready. I’ve filled out my ballot and finished watching the last few nominated films. I’ve anticipated the Oscars, informed opinion at the ready.

Not this year. And honestly not for the last few. And I’ve never been able to articulate how I feel about it. This shift.

Here’s the thing. I LOVE yesterday. Yesterday was amazing. I miss it, I love it, I fill scrapbooks as shrines to it.

But yesterday isn’t everything. Yesterday, frankly, is over. It’s old news. And I forget that a lot.

This week, as I realized the Oscars was only days away and I’ve only seen two of the nominated films (and one of those is Star Wars…) I started to get pouty before I realized I don’t have to watch every Oscar-nominated film to be in love with film, and I don’t have to watch The Revenant to know that by God Leo deserves a freaking Oscar. And – more importantly – I don’t have to mourn the “loss” of these past interests and hobbies that keep popping up in my Timehop. I don’t have to get so distracted by a silly iPhone app reminding me of yesterday that I forget to fall in love with today.

As ridiculous as it may sound, The Oscars this year has been a poignant reminder of the journey. Because it’s not just the Oscars. It’s things big and small that were once bigger interests or priorities than they are today. And it’s not a Mom thing, believe it or not. This is not a “*sigh* I used to have hobbies, but now I’m a mom and my life has REAL fulfillment and meaning.” No. NO. Right this second, I’ve got one eye on the Oscars and the other surfing photos of the place we plan to backpack this summer. (Well, and my hands are typing, so multitasking FTW!) I’ve picked up NEW hobbies since becoming a Mom, so I know that’s not the difference.

It’s just life. And maybe none of you needed reminding — but maybe you did. Maybe I’m not the only one who needed reminding to flip through those photos, those scrapbooks, those Timehop reminders of vacations and hobbies and other artifacts of yesteryear — and smile. Smile BIG. But never be disappointed in the evolution you’re living, the life you’ve built, and the sense of newness and adventure you treasure. Don’t you DARE look back at 5 years ago, 10 years ago, and give yourself grief about hobbies you’ve outgrown or otherwise lost along the way.

Yesterday is a beautiful, beautiful thing. But yesterday isn’t everything.

Yesterday was amazing, but today is even better.

And I’ve heard good things about tomorrow.

Now. Back to the show. Chris Rock is killin’ it.

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  1. On point lady. Thanks for the reminder!!

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