I had no business running 14 miles today. First, Jeff was sick and truth be told he’s only really back up to 90% or so. Then, I was sick. I fought it all week — missing work, working from home, resting and resting, but not sleeping well. But I woke up this morning feeling well enough to get myself to the trail — so I did.

It was a big day. 14 on the schedule. (Though this whole story was nearly negated after learning upon arrival BACK TO THE CAR that the schedule ACTUALLY said 9 today… Must read schedule for self in the future. Running partners can clearly not be trusted.)

Nevertheless, 14. A new long distance for half our training group! Amy and Jeff are training for their first full and today was a new distance record! And if you ask me, 14 is the first long run that says, “I’m training for a MARATHON.”

14 miles, 14 smiles.
14 miles! We celebrate new long distances with sweaty selfies. {Amy, David, Jeff, Sarah}




I knew after Little Rock 2014 that I had another marathon in me, but spring 2015 came and went – no marathon. And I didn’t miss it. My heart wasn’t in it for the training. But I didn’t stop running. I’ve run half a dozen half marathons since then, but come March 6, 2016 it will have been two full years since my last full marathon.

After having two REALLY good races in a row at the Fayetteville Half Marathon and the Route 66 Half in Tulsa, I knew it was time. And my heart is absolutely in it for the training. And if there’s a lesson to be learned, it’s that the mental dedication to this sport should never be underestimated. Last year, I could have physically done the work. I wasn’t injured, I had the time and opportunity to train. But I just didn’t want it bad enough.

This year is different. I knew I’d feel this way about marathons again someday. I’m ready. Little Rock Marathon, game on.

Little Rock Marathon

2 thoughts on “I knew this day would come.

  1. YEAH!!! Get it girl!

  2. Yay!! I’ll live vicariously through you this year because, ironically, *my* heart isn’t it. At least, not yet. But congrats to you guys for getting the 14 in this weekend and good luck with the rest of your training! (And get well!!)

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