Everybody needs THOSE family members. You know the ones? The ones that invite you to visit, but when the weather tries to ruin the full holiday weekend of activities they have planned — they smile with you and make the best of it. They don’t flinch when the whole house is still in their jammies at noon, they don’t mind golfing a few holes in the rain, they never run out of wine, and they know the best way to end a day is with a cozy fire and some good belly laughs.

Everybody needs those people, and I’m grateful for ours.

Uncle Paige (Jeff’s brother) and Aunt Lynn live in Atlanta, and have a gorgeous house in the North Carolina mountains that’ll make you forget about real life for a few days. They invited us out for the 4th (yes, of JULY… summer got away from me a little, ok?) and we couldn’t wait.

Hood Boys

I am not a golfer. In fact, I believe that is the only existing photo of me even holding a golf club. That’s the kind of Mama I am — can’t resist a, “Mommy, YOU try!” on the putting green.

Now, Mountaintop is a classy joint. But giant Slip ‘N Slides? They are the kind of fun that transcends all levels of decorum.




I mean, just look at all that fun they’re having! At first, Colt was skeptical, but once Jeff agreed to go with him – I lost count of how many times the boys stood in line and slid down that thing. Over and over and over. Until Jeff was pretty done, and Colt agreed to head back to the house to get cleaned up.


But wait! “Mommy! YOU should go down the slide!” Hmm… fully-clothed… full-grown adult… Sure! Why not?! A little water and dish soap never hurt anybody, right?

{We were messing with the Slo Mo settings on our phones, so you’re able to truly soak up the Proud Parenting Moment at 1:12 or so.}

It’s all fun and games until Mommy gets involved.

He recovered — and declared DADDY his official Slip ‘N Slide buddy — and we were off to get cleaned up for the carnival!

Hoods, post-Slip 'N Slide

The weather was cooperating and the carnival was ON. Food, games, snocones — count us in!

Hoods - July 2015 | Paige, Jeff, Sarah, Lynn, Courtney, and Colt
Hoods – July 2015 | Paige, Jeff, Sarah, Lynn, Courtney, and Colt

We came, we carnivaled. Then we headed back to the house for comfy pants, fireworks, and s’mores. This was our second trip to visit Paige and Lynn in the mountains, and we are compiling quite the collection of good laughs and fun memories on this porch. Here’s to many more.


Happy 4th, Mountaintop!

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