Maybe we over-scheduled our last few months and the weekends got away from us.

Maybe the weather forecast was too beautifully tempting.

Maybe we just couldn’t bear to part with summer – just yet.

Elk River Float - September 2015

Y’all, we don’t miss too many home football games — our wedding date nine years ago is evidence enough of that! And I felt a little guilty skipping the Razorback season opener to go to the river yesterday. But as we floated the calm water, soaked up the sunshine, and caught up with friends — we knew it was our perfect place to be this weekend.

At one point, we exchanged a “How ’bout them Hogs?” greeting with a stranger wearing a Razorback ball cap, and lamented about missing the game. Without hesitation, the stranger tilted his face up into the sunshine and said, “naw. Football can be recorded.”

He paddled away, and Jeff and I exchanged a look. Yes. THAT.

Elk River Float - September 2015

Elk River Float - September 2015
Hoods at the Elk River, Missouri

Elk River Float - September 2015

The Elk River is a guilty pleasure for us — often more partying than peaceful tranquility… And if you had told me when we started going up there, that I’d still be floating the Elk 10 years later with those same friends — I would have smiled so big.

And if you told me we’d be bringing along our own kiddo, and taking pictures of him dare-deviling off the river bank — well, I’d pay to have photos of THAT reaction.

Cliff-diving hopeful
Cliff-diving hopeful


2 thoughts on “Because football can be recorded

  1. Excellent decision on this gorgeous weekend. Great photos of a wonderful tradition.

  2. No AC, registration was required back then. And no, broadcasters didn’t register sports broadcast in those days. They couldn’t even if they wanted to, because they didn’t bother to record most of them in the first place.

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