I used to come right out and say it. Summer Hours! I’ll blog when I feel like it! And it helped with the guilt I inevitably feel every time I realize just how much time has lapsed since my last story, and how many precious details may be lost forever to my terrible memory. This summer, for some inexplicable reason, I thought I’d keep up better.

On that note, here’s a photo of the last day of First Grade. FORTY DAYS AGO.

Last Day of First Grade

On top of the fact that he looks all shaggy and grown, this was 40 whole days ago. We are 40 days into summer, and just shy of that many days left to go and I haven’t told you about any of it! (I haven’t even been THAT good at posting snippets on Facebook and Instagram — because, ya know, I was planning on saving it. For a blog post.)

But here’s the thing. Summer has flown by and the biggest, most amazing reason I haven’t written about it is that we have been so busy having some absolutely serious FUN. Every weekend is spoken for, every swimsuit needs rinsing, and every camera memory card is getting a workout.

We can’t let the sun come up on Second Grade without properly saluting the best summer these Hoods have ever seen, so I’m writing and editing like mad to get caught up in time for the homestretch of August.

Are you ready?


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