After throwing such a festival of nonsense for Laura’s chickens last fall, Becky and I knew we couldn’t just host a normal, traditional baby shower for Laura and Leo. We had a reputation to uphold.


I stopped just short of putting a margarita glass in its little baby hand, but I think this introduces the party nicely. We planned a co-ed, come-as-you-are afternoon of baby-celebrating complete with nacho bar, pinata, a cake wearing a petticoat, and a photo booth.

We are all busting with happiness for Laura and Leo as they become parents this summer, and we had a great time celebrating them. The Mom and Dad to-be were surrounded by friends and family from multiple states and representing multiple countries, and ranging in age from 1 to 84! Everyone even humored me and braved the midday Dallas mugginess to gather on the porch for a group photo.

Baby Fiesta | Rangira Family Home | June 2015

Laura and Leo are not finding out the gender of Baby Rangira so we’ll all get to be surprised in a few weeks, but I think Colt is secretly hoping for a boy. I’ve been trying to temper his expectations, too. Buddy, this baby won’t be playing Legos with you by Christmas… But we’ll have TWO kiddos in photos like THIS before you know it!

Martins, Rangiras, Hoods.

And these sisters of mine. I’m so grateful to have them to laugh and cry with, and I’m so grateful Colt has them as role models of all things nonsense. Every kid needs that.


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