In 2008, mid-June became all about celebrating my favorite boy — and my other favorite boy. Colt’s birthday typically falls within a few days of Father’s Day so it’s all about the boys around here. This year, we were overdue for a trip to see Ninny and Pop in Arkadelphia so we headed south for a weekend visit with Jeff’s parents.


Bonus birthday party plus Father’s Day (plus US Open golf on TV) plus a birthday cake that doubles as the best accidental Seinfeld reference EVER. #seven


PLUS! It was Oil Town Weekend! Oil Town Days is the town festival in Jeff’s hometown – Smackover, Arkansas. Most towns have a festival like this — I grew up going to Cabotfest — and we drove the 90 minutes south to partake in the Oil Town festivities. To properly set my expectations, Ninny joked that my life will have a new milestone to consider. Events will have occurred either BEFORE Oil Town, or AFTER Oil Town.

Regrettably, we had to head back to Arkadelphia without my being able to convince anyone in our party to participate in the arm wrestling contest, but not before I snapped this perfect image of summer and one of my all-time favorite photos of this kid.

Eyelashes. Freckles. Sweaty hair. Mischievous sno-cone tongue. SUMMER.


It was a quick trip, but always a good visit — and I just love it when these Hood boys get together. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy and Pop!


Hoods | Father's Day 2015
Hoods | Father’s Day 2015

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