Months ago, Jeff and I joked with Colt we would be handling his birthday a little differently this year. We told him we could do cake and candles and Chuck E. Cheese and the whole nine — but we thought it best he turn six again, rather than seven. We just weren’t ready, we told him.

And we kept up the “joke” long enough I think we were giving him a complex. We talked and talked about his Second 6th Birthday and how we would celebrate, and ‘yes, you can still go to Second Grade after the summer’ and ‘hmm, not sure if you’ll skip to eight years old next year or not. We’ll have to talk about it.’ I just know there was a small part of him that was a little worried we actually have that kind of authority. Poor kid.

But ready or not — his 7th birthday arrived.

birthday shirt_07
Annual Birthday Shirt – as designed by the Birthday Boy himself.

And it was the first time in seven years we had to take our annual backyard/birthday/family photo wearing rain jackets!

Birthday Family Photo_7th Birthday
Happy Soggy Birthday!

The rain couldn’t dampen our birthday-celebrating spirits and we headed to Chuck E. Cheese for what we hope could be the last time — is 7 the age they start to discern between bad pizza and good pizza? Nonetheless, we partied as hard as three Hoods can party on a rainy Thursday night at Chuck E. Cheese.

As the day came to a close and we held the annual reading of Dr. Seuss’s Happy Birthday Book, I retold him the story of the day he was born and how 3:06pm on June 18 is my favorite minute of the whole year.

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.

And I thought of the email I received this morning from BabyCenter that made my heart smile so big. (And I was thankful – again – I never unsubscribed to these weekly developmental milestone emails I’ve been receiving since I was 10 weeks pregnant, learning he was the size of a walnut.)

The lovable sevens
Congrats! You’re entering one of the most rewarding phases of parenthood. Now your child requires less hands-on supervision and care, but he still looks up to you for guidance and support. His curiosity, excitement, and eagerness to learn make him a charming companion in the year ahead.
Your 7-year-old is mature enough to form his own opinions about many things. He looks to peers and other adult authority figures to inform his ideas. But his parents firmly remain the shining lights in his universe. Sevens still like to cuddle, hold hands, and show their affection in ways that typically vanish (at least in public) over the coming years.

A charming companion?!   *SWOON*   Good grief, I love this kid.

Buddy, you will OWN seven. I feel so utterly lucky and thoroughly unworthy of being your Mama sometimes, but I wake up every morning ready to try my best again. You’re taller and wittier all the time, and Daddy likes to say you’re “all legs and mouth” — but you are our boy. Our Buddy. Our favorite.

Happy, happy birthday.

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