The Hoods are a golfing family. Nearly all of them play and have since forever. They play for fun, they take golfing vacations, and even Jeff’s 83-year-young dad still plays several times a week — and doesn’t plan to quit anytime soon.

The Martins, on the other hand, are not a golfing family. I didn’t grow up around it and yesterday was my first time out on a course — Jeff once took me with him to a driving range 10 years ago, and never took me back. Neither of us have been disappointed.

Jeff plays golf — I run. Jeff WATCHES golf — I nap. It works out well.

For a few years, Jeff has been taking Colt with him to the driving range, the practice green, and they did their first 18 holes together this spring. But yesterday! The boys invited me to come along!

Golf Cart Selfie!
Golf Cart Selfie!

I didn’t hit any balls, and mostly stayed in the cart — which earned me a mildly sunburned left shoulder (I drove! First time!) and a beautiful Saturday afternoon with my two favorite boys.





I don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to squeeze all three of us into one cart — and they probably prefer a ‘boys only’ game anyway — but I loved being out there with them. I loved seeing the game from the front row rather than strictly through the eyes of TV cameras from the couch. And next time the boys head out for the afternoon I’ll have a more vivid visual in my mind and a sweeter smile on my face understanding much better now how much this truly means – to both of them.


I couldn’t help but dig out some classic videos from Colt’s history with golf. You’ve come a long way, kiddo!

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  1. OMG, SH!!! At this age I reflect back and realize how precious every moment “back then” really was. Afterwards and years later it is much too late to hang on to those moments so what I can do now is hang on to those memories. In reading your blog it is evident that you capture most EVERY moment and give each moment the most possible attention. So few folks never really realize that time does not stand still and what is past is gone. Tomorrow it will mean so much more to you that you had the forethought and realized these passing minutes will be gone; at least you are doing all you can do to preserve each one …….good for you!!!

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