Buddy, so far baseball is your sport. You’ve dabbled in football and basketball, too, and you golf with Daddy on the weekends, but baseball is where you’ve managed to start really connecting some dots. For whatever reason, you hit better off the coach’s pitch this year than you did last year off a tee, and as amusing as it was to watch all you boys smother the ball in the outfield last season, it’s fun to watch you and your teammates learn to play your positions and actually field the ball a little. You even graduated from an XS to a SMALL in pants this year!




We still walk through all three “rules” of baseball before, after, and sometimes even during practice.

Rule #1: Have fun.
Rule #2: Keep your hands to yourself.
Rule #3: Don’t play in the dirt.

Rule #3 is still particularly hard, but we’ve made progress. And let’s be honest, baseball is one big excuse for boys to play in the dirt well into adulthood — they’re not fooling anybody.


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