Life moves quickly. Babies grow up in the blink of an eye and each year flies faster than the last.

But it IS possible to slow down, if only for a few hours.


Sometimes slowing down looks like a boy and his fishin’ pole.


Slowing down looks like a Daddy passing a lifetime of his own fishing memories on to his boy, one beautiful Arkansas afternoon at a time.


Slowing down means soaking in the grinning pride of a boy catching his first fish. And knowing it won’t be his last.

First Fish!

Slowing down means spending the afternoon with friends who know the value of a deep breath, a belly laugh, and a homemade hushpuppy.


Slowing down means cooking what you catch, but store-bought cookies for dessert.


Slowing down means squinty grins and sweet friends.


Slowing down means swatting a few early mosquitoes, soaking it up, and making plans for next time.


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