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Peekaboo Magazine – March 2015

I am beaming. That write-up is in this month’s Peekaboo Magazine. And in fact, he’s not just running the Kids’ Hogeye Marathon in April — we’re also planning to run the Cow Paddy together this Friday. Two races! He has a race SCHEDULE.

For the Hogeye, the kids log 25 miles between now and then, and run the 26th mile the day of the race — for a marathon in total. It’s pretty adorable. And the Cow Paddy. Well, the Cow Paddy is my sentimental favorite race. My first race ever. I can’t wait.

And a few weeks ago, we ran our first mile together.

Best 12 minutes ever.

He tells me he wants to run marathons. We’ll see. But I am thrilled he likes it so far. We’ve been heading out in the evenings to run a mile here and a mile there. And we’re chipping away at his 25 mile log.

Sometimes I still can’t believe I’M a runner much less sharing running with my kiddo, but I’m so grateful to have this with him. I hope we have many, many miles ahead of us, Buddy.

One thought on “Mommy and Me Mileage

  1. OMGosh, a race schedule, that cracked me up!! Run, Colt, run!!!

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