It’s been the winter of sunshine around here, and we are genuinely loving it. We’ve spent more than one weekend in nothing heavier than a sweatshirt, enjoying an unseasonably warm few months while simultaneously keeping an eye on the forecast, certain the snow and ice are just around the corner.

After all, it is Northwest Arkansas.

Following a winter so full of snow and ice the school district finally declared snow day bankruptcy, this year has been a peach. And I was starting to get worried our streak would end. Every year since we got married we’ve been heading outside at the first sign of snow and snapping a family photo. It’s one of those things that started out as a simple snapshot, and we’ve kept it up for nine winters. We can’t stop now, and this week’s snowfall was just enough to cancel school for two days — and enough to keep the tradition alive for one more year.

Winter 2014-2015
Winter 2014-2015


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