This time last year, we’d already had eight snow days. So, naturally, this year I put my faith in the persimmons, stocked up on hot chocolate, bought snow pants that will only fit him for a single winter, and braced myself.

Here we are — January 21st — and not one snow day. Not one snowFLAKE. We take a family photo in the first snow each year and I KNOW we’ve never waited until February for it.

Instead, we just had the warmest, most beautiful January weekend of sunshine. Three solid days of gorgeousness, and our only plans were to be outside and soak it up.

I got a text from my favorite #nodramamama Sunday afternoon — “Walking with sticks play date tomorrow?” Several weeks ago this article was being passed around on social media, and the #nodramamama club decided to adopt it as our credo. Walking with sticks IS magical.

Monday, these kids discovered that walking with sticks — is only the beginning.

Packing a picnic to eat in the woods is magical.

Finding the perfect tree to hang your hammock is magical.

Immediately stripping a layer of clothing because it’s 60+ degrees in January is magical.

Practicing blowing your emergency wrist whistle is magical.

Asking if you can take your shoes off and play in the spring and hearing a “sure thing! Roll up your pants and go for it!” is magical.

Learning how to dam the water enough to create a perfect little mudhole is magical.

Understanding that the only real ground rule for the day is ‘Be kind, and work it out‘ is magical.

Ensuring that bath time is absolutely non-negotiable is magical.


Loadin’ up the battery-operated dune buggy and headin’ back to the house with your best gal beside ya is magical, magical, magical.


One thought on “Walking with sticks is magical

  1. persimmons said wet, not specifically snow :)
    i love you no drama mamas and your spunky little offspring!

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