Why do these posts always start with an audible sigh?

Last year, I boarded the “one word” trend train at the suggestion of my friend, Jackie, and I loved the idea of throwing out traditional New Year’s resolutions in favor of a single word. ONE. WORD. That sounded easier. More manageable. It felt like cheating.

My word for 2014 was balance.

I barely had to think about it. And if you ask me today, a year later, to sum up my goals and dreams and plans into a single word — it’s still balance. So as January 1st approached, I struggled to decide on my 2015 word. Can I use the same word again? Does that mean I didn’t do something right in 2014?

I still believe in balance.

But, by nature, balance is a somewhat temporary state. My friend Betsy is always telling me you can have it all — just not all at once. Agility, strength, flexibility — they are what enable balance. Leaning too far in any one direction allows you to feel it — and you can correct. It’s nearly impossible to STAY in balance.


Balance is on my mind, and I spent 2014 learning that it’s a daily and lifelong challenge. Family, friends, work, hobbies, me — balance.

But! Another word kept popping up in provocative yet comforting quotes as I scanned Pinterest before falling asleep each night. And I knew I had my 2015 word.


I like to do MORE. More writing. More running. More travel. More photos. More fun. More adventure.

And I’m truly terrible at knowing when to say when. More everything sometimes means less sleep and less peace and less headspace to think.

So, enough. 2015 is the year I learn about enough.

7 thoughts on “2015 :: Enough

  1. you have chosen well, grasshoppa. :) i really do think this is a fabulous word for you.

    1. Thanks, lady, that means a lot. I’m already seeing it materialize in unexpected ways.

  2. Preach it sister. #nomamadrama

    1. AMEN. #nomamadrama in 2015

  3. Sarah,

    I am still working on a selecting a word of my own.

    Beautifully chosen. An ordinary type word, but profound self-reflection is evident.

    Sincere wishes that the hard work ahead is achieves the state of Enough.

    Another Sarah

    1. Thanks. So far, so good. I’m thinking I might need some word art to keep me company in 2015.

      1. Hej du.Du har lavet et opslag, hvor du viser noget tøj du gerne vil have.De lyse bukser med huller i.Hvor er de futÃet/kd¸bn? De er SUPER fede! – Knus Stine <3

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