Nearly all his friends had been losing teeth for months, but no amount of wishful thinking was going to make his wiggle — much less fall out. At one point, he even had the whole tooth-losing scene pegged as an income source. Someone at school mentioned getting $5 for a tooth and Colt started to do the math. Hmm… losing teeth could really be worth my while… But once we reset expectations that the Tooth Fairy doesn’t bring that kind of money to kids in THIS house, he abandoned the get rich quick scheming and patiently waited.

Until yesterday.

He woke up with an unmistakably wiggly tooth, and he worked on it all day. Jeff was working at the Razorback game, and Colt asked me to pull the tooth out for him — which (I thought!) I was fully prepared to do, until he asked! I panicked a little and worried about doing it wrong. Like the millennial mom I am, I Googled what to do (though I’ve seen my Dad do it dozens of times) and I was reassured that there aren’t a lot of ways to do it wrong. So I was ready. But maybe Colt sensed my lack of confidence. (I am not a medical professional, kid!) He decided to do it himself! When Daddy got home, he wiggled it a little more aggressively, loosening it — and then Colt pulled it out!

Our little Razorback lost his first tusk!

First Tooth

Of all the bodily functions that come with child-rearing, the bloody hole in his smile is certainly not the LEAST pleasant, and there’s no mistaking the pride and bravery that come with that First Lost Tooth accomplishment. After we got his gums cleaned up and the tooth was safely in the Tooth Fairy Pillow, he said, “Mommy, I’m proud of myself for pulling it out.” Me too, Buddy. Me too.

First Lost Tooth

I’m still coming to terms with this kiddo losing his first BABY tooth, and much like the first haircut — I’m surprised by how momentous it really is. Kids lose teeth, no big deal. But it’s a step into big kid territory. Don’t worry — he’s ready.

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