Sure, school started and we were “back to the routine” after the summer, but the routine wasn’t truly complete before this past weekend. NOW we’re “back to school”. Hood family fall Saturdays mean college football and everything that comes with it in this town.

Usually, we are melting in the late summer Arkansas heat during the first few tailgates. So the rainy, 70ish-degree weather Saturday was an interesting way to start things off. I wore a jacket! And debated putting a hoodie on Colt!

first tailgate 033_edit_resize


We love us some Allen Family and the boys insisted I caption this picture: two guys with gray hair, and hot wives. Ha!

Jeff, Tena, Sarah, Scott | Go Hogs!
Jeff, Tena, Sarah, Scott | Go Hogs!

The rain kept things pretty soggy, but that didn’t dampen the fun in the tailgate tent.  Never a dull moment with that crowd!

We walked over to watch kickoff from the grass just outside the stadium.  The boys never tire of watching the team run through the A.


first tailgate 015_edit_resize


Instead of our usual routine of heading home after kickoff to get outta the heat and into some AC — we walked back to the tailgate spot and enjoyed the cool weather until after halftime. The game was borderline ridiculous — the Razorbacks setting an all-time scoring record in a 73-7 win over Nicholls State — so we kept one eye on the scoreboard, one eye on Colt and his little buddies as they found and slid through every available mud puddle within 50 yards of the tent, but mostly just enjoyed the weather, the company, and being back in the swing of things.

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