So it isn’t actually fall yet, but the weather in Fayetteville today was certainly trying to convince us otherwise. And even though the Razorbacks are playing on the road this weekend, we still got plenty of football action on this beautiful, crisp “fall” Saturday.


First game for the Cowboys! All the teams are sponsored through the NFL’s Play 60 initiative, and the kids get to wear “real” NFL teams and jerseys. We played a big rivalry game today — Cowboys/Chiefs!



The kids play 5-on-5 at this age, and the coaches play quarterback. They give each kid the play before each snap and then all hell breaks loose on, “Down! Set! Hut!”  So far, he loves it.


Good game... Good game...
Good game… Good game…
Game over! Snack time!

At one point he asked us, “why don’t they put ‘kid football’ on TV?” Oh, Buddy. I have no idea.

Hoods | Colt's First Football Game
Hoods | Colt’s First Football Game

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