Is it just me or does First Grade sound about ten times older than Kindergarten?

FIRST day of FIRST grade
FIRST day of FIRST grade

We did all the things. All the first day of school things. We took your photo at the house, in the shirt you specifically requested — Washington Wildcat colors, Mommy. And a collar.

We posed by the sign, we walked you in, we found your desk. You discovered more of your Kindergarten friends in your class! You smiled — only slightly more excited than nervous.

After school, I picked you up and you jabbered all the way home about recess and Scout and you sat at the blue table in class and six kids got on yellow today and only one other kid had a collar on his shirt and you were still pretty sure first grade was gonna be harder than kindergarten.

And I drove you over to my favorite stone staircase and asked for a few more photos of my favorite, handsome boy. And you gave me this look.

FIRSTday 026_edit_resize

But then I started asking about first grade again, and you were all smiles and storytelling.

And we celebrated with supper at Flying Burrito and a trip for ice cream, and you insisted you were ready to do the whole thing all over again tomorrow. But when I tucked you in and kissed your ears with a, “g’nite, First Grader!” you frowned a little and quietly asked, “Mommy, will you just call me Buddy?”

You got it, darlin’. You’re every bit a first grader, but still our little Buddy.  Sweet dreams.

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6 thoughts on “FIRST Day

  1. This made me cry. Thanks for that.

    1. You and me both, sister. The kid just gets me.

  2. happy first day brave little buddy and equally brave mama!

    1. Thanks, Terra. His bravery really surprises me sometimes. And he was READY for Day #2 — bring it on!

  3. He is the cutest. Love him. And love you.

    1. Oh, he’s a mess – you know that! We need to get our monkeys together to play!

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