Tomorrow is August Eve, and I refuse to let July slip by without so much as a check-in. With a quick, confirming glance at the archives, I have blogged at least once in every single month since March 2005 — and there’s no reason to break that kind of record! glacier_nikon 110_edit_resize

So. July. Man, I owe you guys some stories. But, if you’ve been following on Facebook, you know we spent last week at #hoodsunplugged2014 — backpacking in Montana. And my top blogging priority right now is sorting through 500+ photos plus video of that trip and getting it all written up. I should have Part 1 up by Friday!

The good news is I have a list of stories a mile long that just need to make the journey from to-do list to typing fingers. Hiking in Montana stories. 4th of July stories. Country Music Legend stories.

Soon. I promise.

Back to editing photos.


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