T-ball, we’ve decided, is much more his speed. Basketball was fun, but it didn’t allow for the gaps in attention span found naturally in this particular five year old. He would lose interest for a few seconds and the game was already at the other end of the court, just like that. T-ball, on the other hand, is a little slower. It allows him to zone out, inspect the dirt, come back, and he hasn’t missed much. Well — and you get dirty. That’s always a plus.

Over the course of the season, we’ve developed three rules for t-ball in this house, and we quiz him often. Pre-game, post-game, during practice in the front yard.

Rule #1: Have fun.

Rule #2: Keep your hands to yourself. (This was mostly a dugout rule, until we discovered his “helpful” technique for Third Base. Now it’s – Don’t Touch ANYONE.)

Rule #3: Don’t play in the dirt.

Rule #3 is a work in progress. Who woulda thought so much premium entertainment could be observed through a chain link fence?

baseballgame 005_edit

3 thoughts on “Made to be broken

  1. Yes! To Cade Tball is all about playing in the dirt and the chalk, and he is very concerned about the snack after the game! We also have the rule of-stay in the dugout. Cade wants to come running out and visit with everyone when he isn’t up to bat:)

  2. Oh my, that boy – the picture of the bent over, up-close inspection of the dirt is absolutely priceless!!

    Oh and also, I have missed your last couple of updates because of my change in emails – remedied!!!!

  3. Haaaa! LOVE it! That video of ‘helpful 3rd base technique’ is priceless! Hysterical(:

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