Sure, sure – we missed our little rascal, but you were off having adventures in the Lone Star State!

I fear we may have set the bar high with this first Spring Break — you’ve been back for almost a week and can’t stop talking about it.

Not only am I grateful to have your grubby little self back in the bedroom across the hall, but I’m grateful for the relationship you have with your grandparents. You kept a journal and took photos, but the real stories and memories and had-to-be-there details of it all are yours to share with Mamaw and Papaw. I love that.

These photos are just the beginning, the whole story is best straight from the source. It was your adventure, your story — best let you tell it.

{If you’re viewing this in email or a reader — and don’t see a video — please CLICK HERE to join the fun.}

4 thoughts on “While You Were Away, Part: You!

  1. He is seriously so freakin’ cute. I love keeping up with him.

    1. :) He’s a mess, but he’s a funny, chatty mess.

  2. Remember… the ALAMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Oh my, could I love that child any more. What a wonderful way to capture the week!

    1. I thought of you immediately when he said that! I knew you’d love it!

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