I sat right here a month ago and declared 2014 the year of Balance. You were here! You remember! Balance

And no sooner did I hit “Publish” on that well-meaning vision of the upcoming, reasonably-balanced, appropriately-prioritized year than February materialized as anything but.


So here we are, March.

I belong to a Facebook group with other folks taking on the #30DayChallenge I told you about. A few weeks ago, my absence was felt (aww… thanks, guys!) and I received a friendly poke back into action. Saaaaarrraaaah… Helloooo-oooo… Good friends call you out when you need it, right?

Every spare ounce of February’s time and focus had been spent on marathon training, and I otherwise fell off the map. No #30DayChallenge to speak of. No blogging or other writing.  Work. Family. Run. Sleep. Work. Family. Run. Sleep. I told myself I would get through the marathon then get things back to “normal”. Balanced, if you will.

The marathon was the first weekend of March — and oh! it’s a story! — and after that adventure (which I will share in all its cold and rainy detail very soon) I just knew I’d be ready to tackle a new challenge.

Well. I’m ready for something new. But it isn’t what I expected.

What I actually need — is a tip of the scales in the direction of some nonsense. Some easy fun. Fairly mindless, perhaps relaxing, comfort food for the soul.

So that’s my #30DayChallenge.

Do something silly or nonsensical or otherwise unproductive — every day.

Today – since I’m a few days behind the first of the month – I did two.

First, I convinced Colt to let me record his inspiring rendition of You’re a Grand Old Flag. Pure patriotic preciousness.

And then, after he went to bed and I should have been loading the dishwasher, I got out his baby book and read it from cover to cover. I can’t remember the last time I did that. I may do it again tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “So… balance.

  1. This post makes me happy for you.

    Keep it up!

    1. Thanks, Lyndi. Baby steps :)

  2. Love. I can get pretty serious and focused too… letting that go is a challenge. I love this!

    1. I know it breaks the rules of specificity, but that’s what my March needs! And I already have a plan for April!

  3. I like your plan :) (and love the singing)

    1. Thanks, Dad. He has more songs in his repertoire — I’ll share soon!

  4. Ahhh, balance. Let me know if you figure out what that looks like because I could use some, too. Last month, I took a sick day (because I was actually really sick) and rather enjoyed being in bed for 15 hours straight. Even if I couldn’t keep any food down. How sad is that, really?

    And I’m really tired. The constant stream of chores, laundry, cooking, baths and butt-wiping is about to do me in. I love your idea of something “silly” every day. Great idea! I hope you are 100% successful at it!


    1. Some friggin’ sunshine for two days in a row would probably go a long way, too!

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