I was waiting for confirmation before I mentioned it, and I got the phone call this week.

Diagnosis: Angry Feet.

After a marathon, things hurt. And after the Un-Marathon that was Little Rock this year, things definitely hurt. But after a week of shorter recovery runs I thought would shake it out and get me headed toward the Hogeye, something just wasn’t right. I had pain in my left foot that I’d never felt before, and with another marathon looming, I knew I had to get some answers.

Naturally, my first stop was Google.  I’m sure doctors love that. I Googled and WebMD-ed myself to the possibility of a stress fracture, then – just to cover all the bases – Googled “what happens if I run on a stress fracture”. It wasn’t pretty. So I made an appointment.

While I waited, the Cow Paddy 5k came and went. The Cow Paddy! My first race ever three years ago. I’ve done it every year since and will probably continue to support this little 5k forever. It’s my sentimental favorite race. But this year, I supported – as a spectator. I still didn’t know what was wrong with my foot and I didn’t want to do something stupid in the name of cow-spotted socks. So Colt and I cheered our hearts out for Becky — and I wore the socks anyway.

Cow Paddy Collage

I skipped the 20-miler I knew I’d need in order to be ready for the race, and things started to look gloomy. At one point my doctor asked me, “if I tell you not to run the Hogeye, are you gonna do it anyway?” And — with visions of crutches and walking boots in my head — I truthfully answered, “no.” I told him I wasn’t interested in making a bad decision, and I meant it. If running had to wait, it would just have to wait.

MRI bracelet

X-rays and an MRI (and two loooooong weeks) later, and I have good news! No fracture, but severe inflammation. Evidently, my feet are just kinda mad, and just wanna rest already. I can run without hurting anything, if I don’t mind the pain, but rest is the treatment. Rest and cross training.

So! Today at the Hogeye Expo, I traded in my marathon bib for a half marathon bib. And before you go all “he said REST” on me, I’ll point out I got permission FROM A DOCTOR to run THE FULL. I am being a good and responsible runner (the likes of which completely confused the doc) by doing the half instead. That’s what we Marathon Maniacs consider “rest”.

The plan: 13.1 miles of a slow, no-pressure half marathon through beautiful Fayetteville, Arkansas tomorrow, then an early start on summer triathlon training. Swimming, elliptical, cycling. Still running, but cutting way back on mileage.

Still on deck: Little Rock Marathon 2015

2 thoughts on “Angry Feet

  1. good for you listening to your body!

    1. Thank you, dear. Sometimes being responsible is no fun :/

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