I think my child has commitment issues.

My suspicions started before Halloween, when he was agonizing over the Ninja Turtle vs. Power Ranger costume decision. And no more than two months before that, I was certain I’d be looking for a Scooby-Doo costume. But he doesn’t abandon any of these guys — he ADDS them. If you ask him, they are ALL his favorite. Remember firemen? And worker bees? Yep, still loves them. They may be lower on the totem pole these days, but they are still hangin’ on.

His commitment issues are starting to worry Santa Claus. Santa Claus needs some time to work, and Colt isn’t making it easy. He’s been stalling on wanting to visit Santa because he’s not quite ready to enter into the sacred Santa/Kid Christmas Contract. CAN’T. DECIDE. So we’ve been talking about it a lot at home, to encourage a decision and determine if any one thing is floating to the top of the list.

Last night at bedtime, he told me he’d decided. He sounded confident.

Paw Patrol,” he said. ” I LOVE Paw Patrol.”

Hmm. Ok. I kissed him goodnight and headed straight for Google. Paw Patrol is a new show he’s been watching on Nickelodeon about a group of rescue/hero dogs — a firefighter dog, a police dog, a construction worker — even a recycling dog! No wonder he loves it, it’s the best of all worlds!

Paw Patrol

After Googling myself silly, I stumbled onto this dagger.

Paw Patrol_Summer 2014

Commercialism fail, toy makers. (Incidentally, it’s also a grammar fail, but that’s not really Paw Patrol’s fault.)


No toys. No books. Nada.

This morning, I asked him again. He confirmed — Paw Patrol.

“Buddy, Paw Patrol is brand new. What if there aren’t any play sets yet?”

“Mommy, Santa can make ANYTHING.”

Well played, kid.

But what would Hood Family Christmas be without a little drama? Heck, last year Santa’s elves spent the night before Christmas rewiring a chainsaw. Delivering toys that don’t exist should be nothing!

Challenge accepted.


One thought on “Santa, this is a test.

  1. Wooo, boy. Cannot wait to see how this turns out. God Bless Santa!

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