After a school party in Colt’s class and costume contest festivities at my office (HIGHLY competitive, especially in the group costume division. This is the same place that hired a real, live camel for Hump Day a few weeks ago — what do you expect?), we trick-or-treated with friends — Amanda, Justin and their kiddos Caroline and John. The kids got too much candy, the dads stayed at the house to distribute candy to trick-or-treaters (and keep an eye on the ULM game), the moms ended up carrying discarded masks and costume props after the first five houses – as expected, and here are more pictures than you can shake a (broom)stick at. Happy Halloween!

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2 thoughts on “Halloweek | Trick or Treat

  1. So so fun to do ToT together again this year. Next year we’ll have a picture of our costumes, too. :)

    1. We must start the planning!

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