I thought maybe I’d spend a few hundred words telling you all the reasons I’m over the moon to have been married to this boy for the last seven years, and how I plan on spending the next 97 years having a mountain-climbing, fire-jumping, world-traveling good time with him. But then I remembered it’s MY hubby we’re talking about, and that I usually love and respect him by NOT gushing all over the internet about how awesome he is.

So. I’ll have to keep hiding bite-size commentary of his awesomeness in the folds of my everyday posting so he’ll be less likely to notice and get nervous about his awesomeness becoming public knowledge.

Happy Anniversary to my favorite boy.

Color 143_edit

Jeff & Sarah

5 thoughts on “Lucky #7

  1. Awwwww…. Y’all are adorable. Happy anniversary. :)

    1. Thanks! It’s been an interesting one so far… a nice stomach bug will do that ;)

  2. 97 years? That’s ambitious!

    1. At LEAST 97. ;)

  3. Yeah, he’s ahright. ;)

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