What started as plans to meet Scout and Eileen for a quiet morning wander around the Farmers’ Market evolved into a 4-hour photographic expedition of downtown Fayetteville — from the perspective of two curious, iPhone-clad kiddos with just enough hand-eye coordination to be dangerous.

playdatewithscout 001_edit

Sometimes fun sneaks up on you.

Having spent the week at their respective schools, the kids were excited to see each other — and Eileen (Scout’s mom) and I were happy to catch up, too. We rendezvoused at Savoy Tea Company, off the square, for a quick snack before heading out into the Farmers’ Market. In a desperate attempt to get a few more minutes of air-conditioned visiting time, we gave the kiddos one of our phones. One thing led to another, and before we knew it they had graduated from watching some PBS Kids to snapping photos of colors we provided (“Ok, now find something… blue!”) to spilling out of the cafe and embarking on a full-blown Farmers’ Market expos√©.

They were equal parts polite and aggressive as they confidently marched through the crowd. “Can we take your picture?” “Ma’am? Is your dog nice? Can we take his picture?” “Hi! Can I take a picture of your orange shirt?” Eileen and I mostly followed along, filling in the gaps for the confused looks we were getting. “They’re on a mission. We’re on a bit of a photographic scavenger hunt.” Everyone in our path — from dogs to street musicians to innocent bystanders holding pretty flowers — was a good sport upon hearing, “Can we take your picture?” and a chipper “Thank you!”

I took the liberty of removing the photos that were more thumb than anything recognizable, but the rest are all here. A Scout-and-Colt’s-eye view of a beautiful morning at the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market —

We threw in a quick trip to the library for a break from the heat, a stopover at Loafin’ Joe’s for a bite to eat, and a what-has-become-all-but-mandatory trip to the face painting lady to get a Ninja Turtle “tattoo”.

This is the window of Savoy as we were leaving breakfast. You can see both kiddos and both mamas in the reflection. A perfect snapshot of our morning. (Photo by Scout.)

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. — Dr. Seuss

7 thoughts on “21st Century Playdate

  1. What a fun idea! Becca would love to do a photo scavenger hunt. You and Eileen have such cute, clever kids.

    1. We are ready to do it again! :)

  2. SO much fun. I’m inspired to do this with my kiddos, too. :)

    1. Let’s get them together! We could never have known how much they would love this — a HUGE hit!

  3. In. love.

    This post is my very favorite you’ve done, and probably one of my favorites on the whole internet. Please give them the camera all the time and let us see what they see.

  4. Thanks, lady. We will absolutely be doing this again soon. I’ve loved seeing their little perspective. It’s precious.

  5. Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing!

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