This year, I was serious about my resolutions. Goals. Whatever. I thought about each one long and hard before I went and captured them in black and white for all the internet to see. I was ambitious, but I tried to be reasonable.

Originally, I thought it might be nice to check in quarterly. But by the time I got around to doing that it was mid-April and I let it slide. Well, today is the halfway mark. July 1st. And as I thought about my list over the weekend, I knew I should come clean with a progress report.

Here goes.

1. Revive my Life List. {On track!} Shockingly, this one is moving right along. I think I got all cocky and said “one per month”, which I knew was probably ridiculous, but while I haven’t actually completed one item each month I’ve definitely been making progress. In January, there was the hot yoga class. In February, inspired (and shamed…) by the Oscar pool at work, I saw two new Best Picture winners: The King’s Speech and In the Heat of the Night. (I DVRed The Hurt Locker, but have yet to be in the mood to stomach it.) In March, I thought I might have accomplished #84, but since it’s 100% subjective I’m hesitant to call it done. Progress, nonetheless. April and May flew by in a flurry of work and other excitement. Made a little more progress on #84, but nothing else to write home about. And June brought travel to a new state! All in all, I’m pleased with this progress. And I’ve got plans to maintain this pace in the second half of the year!

2. Go to bed earlier. {Pathetically off track…} Seriously. Why is this so hard?

3. No French fries. {There’s always 2014.} 

4. Run a sub-5 hour marathon. {Not yet.} The Cowtown was the perfect storm of disciplined training, ideal weather, family support — and stomach issues. It wasn’t meant to be. I chopped 30 minutes off my previous PR, but no sub-5. At this point, I don’t have plans to train for another marathon in 2013, but anything is possible. Maybe this one will make the list again in 2014. (Or maybe I’ll change the rules of my own game and let this one evolve into an aggressive half marathon goal for this fall… You never know…)

5. Catch up on Colt’s books. {Absolutely no progress. At all. WHAT?} He’s five now, people. This job is only getting bigger by the day. MUST make progress here. SOON.

6. De-clutter our lives. {Not complete, but progress.} The progress on this one is not noticeable to the naked eye. (And Jeff will probably laugh when he reads that I’ve got this one in the green column.) But what I count as progress on this is a behavior change. While I still have plans to complete the big, scary purge and I anxiously await the day I open my kitchen cabinets, linen closet, and media cabinet with a contented sigh, I have begun preparation for it by being more particular about what makes it into the house in the first place. Baby steps.

7. Keep my personal email inbox under control. {On track!} I’ve been cut-throat with what stays and what gets the immediate ‘delete’, and I’ve unsubscribed from more retailer and junk mailing lists than I care to count. I’m still not any better at actually ANSWERING personal email… but I’ve whittled the box itself down to those emails actually deserving of an eventual response.

So, this was originally intended to make me feel good about the first six months. Before I broke it down one-by-one, I (naturally) had a much rosier picture of success painted in my mind. I haven’t made the progress I’d hoped to make, but these seven things don’t begin to comprehensively cover the fun and memories we’ve made so far this year. We’ve played in the snow. We’ve turned five. We’ve redesigned and relaunched the blog. We’ve told stories on stage. We’ve been on the cover of a magazine! We’ve met Scooby Doo. We’ve played in the mud. We’ve fished for sharks. And we’ve had one close call with The Tooth Fairy.

Plenty of work left to do in 2013. But as long as I get to spend it with these two cuties — it’ll be a success.

Hood Family_June 2013


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