Well, it’s that time again. Time for Jeff and me to leave our social media and our indoor plumbing and our DVR behind for a few days for our annual trek into the wilderness. It’ll be pretty quiet around here (and on Facebook and Twitter) until next weekend.

But don’t worry about us. We’ll be trading in the social media and the indoor plumbing and the DVR for a map and a compass — and a view like this…


When I return to civilization, I will have fun stories from the Boundary Waters to share with you, but until then please enjoy a few old favorites.

 Mt. Rainier - July 2008
Mt. Rainier – July 2008

Way back in 2008, this trip started it all for us. Jeff met my cousin Sherlock for the first time at Tom‘s funeral in 2007, and they hit it off right away. Before I knew it, they’d planned to summit Mt. Rainier. And soon. Fast forward to July 2008. Colt was less than a month old — and I had yet to really discover my own sense of adventure — so I stayed home, but Jeff flew out to Washington to join Sherlock and his buddies for ice axe lessons and a Mt. Rainier summit.  Read the whole story here.

Africa - November 2009
Africa – November 2009

As soon as I knew my sister Laura would be spending her Peace Corps assignment in Africa, I wanted to visit. So I renewed my passport, got a typhoid shot, and got on a plane. In November 2009, Laura and I spent 10 days exploring Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. There were lions and elephants, waterfalls and bungee jumps. It was an absolutely amazing trip for the two of us — and it was the first time I met Laura’s then-boyfriend/now-hubby, Leo! Read the whole story here.

Mt. Whitney - July 2010
Mt. Whitney – July 2010

Then came the first Jeff+Sarah adventure trip in 2010. Oh man. After Jeff’s experience at Rainier two years before, we thought another mountain climb would be perfect for the two of us. And we started at the top. Literally. In July 2010, Jeff and I flew to California and tackled the Mountaineer’s Route to the top of Mt. Whitney — the tallest peak in the lower 48 states. It was my first climb, and a bit more technical than either of us had anticipated. Read the whole story here.

Yosemite - July 2011
Yosemite – July 2011

After the Whitney climb, we were hooked! Let’s do this every summer! So we started looking for the next adventure — and found ourselves right back in California. In July 2011, we backpacked in the back-country of Yosemite National Park for a week — avoiding the bears, but including a cable-climb to the top of Half Dome. This was our first trip with Four Season Guides – a guide service we highly recommend. Read the whole story here.

Grand Canyon - September 2012
Grand Canyon – September 2012

In 2012, we had GRAND plans. With Four Season Guides again, we chose THE trip. Arguably the most iconic hike in the United States — Grand Canyon, rim-to-rim. We would start at the North Rim and hike two days in, two days out — back to the South Rim. Sort of a reverse mountain climb! The Grand Canyon did not disappoint — and we would actually love to get back there someday for a different hike. The Canyon is so huge, there are countless hikes and experiences to be had.  Read the whole story here. (And here.)


I hope you enjoy the stories half as much as we enjoy the adventures! See you in a week!



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