In the days and weeks leading up to a vacation, I spend a lot of time daydreaming about it — and I don’t think I’m alone here. Vacation is about pausing the routine that is everyday life and escaping to somewhere else – anywhere else – for awhile.

While our vacations certainly tend to be a physical, geographical escape from the routine, I try to remember that we tackle these adventures as more of a brain-break than anything else. We typically return from a week in the wilderness with a handful of blisters and bruises, maybe some bug bites, a hint of sunburn, and sore muscles — but mentally, refreshed. With no phones to answer and no emails to read and no status updates to… update — we actually TALK. We LISTEN.

I’ve come to crave those few, precious, head-clearing days each year. But it never fails — by day three of the quiet, peaceful, reflective wilderness I start to crave the busyness and pace of our otherwise everyday lives. Maybe I need more practice… you know, relaxing. Maybe if I turned down the volume in my brain a little more often than a few days each year I could settle in and get comfortable with the slower, more reasonable pace. Maybe if it weren’t such an overall shock to my system.

Nonetheless, all vacations must eventually end. And, certainly, ours are no exception. We get back to town, sort through piles of laundry, restock the fridge, and try to remember what day of the week it is. I download all the photos and video and recharge all the electronics we have come to consider “essential” during our travels.

And while all of that re-acclimating is going on, there’s a kiddo who only knows it’s Saturday. And that means Farmers’ Market. He doesn’t care that there is sleep to catch up on or that he should be exhausted from his own week sans-normalcy — it’s the weekend. And there are established standards of fun to be had. There are the sights and sounds and smells and comforts of normalcy and routine. The adventure of life has been patiently waiting for us to get back from our “adventure”.

Our routine. It’s nothing special. And EVERYTHING special.

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