I fancy myself a storyteller. Whether it’s my story or Colt’s story or Tom’s story or stories of other people I love and admire, I genuinely love capturing the memories and emotions and nuances that make up a great story.

Photo courtesy of Angie Albright. She says this is a “Sarah” look.

So it wasn’t hard to fall in love with Listen to Your Mother. LTYM is pure, simple, genuine storytelling. Women (and men!) getting together across the country to celebrate the wackiness that is motherhood. The Northwest Arkansas show was something truly special, and I cannot believe I was part of such a group of people. These 14 other folks – there to share a 5-minute slice of themselves. On stage. For the audience to experience and participate in.

But while those stories were being played out, 5 minutes at a time for the world to hear, there was another experience happening behind the curtain. What was truly special about the LTYM experience – to me – was that the stories being told ONstage made it possible for sharing and laughing and crying and supporting and bonding to happen BACKstage. And that was incredible.

Going into all this, I knew a handful of my fellow cast members, but most were strangers. And now, anything but strangers, the 15 of us have this LTYM experience in common. By telling our stories together, we in turn became part of each other’s story. And I just love that.

After the show I kept hearing, “oh, I could never do that! No way I could stand up there and not fall apart.” But I’m making it my mission to convince inspire five people to audition for the show next year. And it doesn’t have to be this one! They’re everywhere! Do you hear that, friends within spitting distance of Austin? Chicago? San Francisco? Minneapolis? Your story is worth writing — and it’s worth sharing.

It’s been a week, but I’m still on Cloud 9. What an experience. And what an honor.

Note: The show was recorded and I’m told it will be shared on LTYM’s YouTube channel at some point. I’ll let you know. And Miss Meredith Mashburn chased us around with a camera all night so there are some fabulous photos coming, too.

With fellow cast member, Eileen, backstage before the show.
With fellow cast member and friend, Eileen, backstage before the show. We snapped this photo to text to our kiddos – Colt and Scout – back home.
With my sweet, supportive friends Tena and Sheryl after the show.
With my sweet, supportive friends Tena and Sheryl after the show.


6 thoughts on “Storytellin’ Mamas

  1. Sarah, I’m so glad that we got to experience this together. You totally nailed how I felt, too…and still feel. I’ve thought about the show every single day since we did it. I’m proud of all of us.

    1. Me too, Rhonda. I kinda won’t shut up about it.

  2. Yes! This is exactly how I feel. I keep telling people that the best part was backstage – all afternoon and evening on Thursday. I miss you guys!

    1. I almost wasn’t expecting that! But I am so glad the night unfolded like it did — lots of laughs and memories.

  3. Might I just add, you look stunning in that last picture! I always enjoy your stories. You have a wonderful way of putting words together. I am glad you got to participate in LTYM this year. I went last year and really enjoyed it. Sorry I missed you this go ’round, but will look for you on YouTube.

    1. You are the sweetest. It was fun running into you this weekend!

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