It’s been a week since Memorial Day weekend — and I’m all but getting hate mail over not having posted the photos yet. I’m lookin’ at you, Becky. And Keith…

See, somehow our Memorial Day weekend got REALLY busy. And in my efforts to somehow pack the entire weekend into one big daddy blog post — I panicked and haven’t done it at all. So you’ll get to relive our fun weekend with family and friends – in bite-sized pieces. I vow to have you updated by the end of THIS weekend!


First, Saturday. Well, Friday. We headed to Arkadelphia Friday afternoon for Jeff’s niece’s graduation from Arkadelphia High School Saturday morning. And we’re so proud of you, Elizabeth! Miss Valedictorian!

elizgrad 009_edit

I sneaked down front to snap that photo while she was speaking to her class. The ceremony was held at Henderson and I really loved that students receiving honors that morning received them from their parents. Jeff’s sister Sarah was able to award Elizabeth her medallion for graduating summa cum laude.

As we sat in the audience for the graduation ceremony I had to force myself not to fast-forward 13 years to my up-and-coming kindergartener’s own big day. One step at a time, right?

We were thrilled to be able to share the day with Elizabeth and family. She is headed to Baylor this fall and has so much to be proud of.

elizgrad 030_edit
Here we are with the lady of the hour, at the after-party. We all had lunch at Frank and Sarah’s house and celebrated Elizabeth.

While we were in town we were also able to visit with Ninny and Pop, and Ninny’s sister, Jeff’s Aunt Lucille.  And everyone cooperated long enough for me to snap a photo — Aunt Lucille, Jeff, Colt and Ninny. Aunt Lucille is 96 years young and recently moved from Nashville (Arkansas) to Arkadelphia.

elizgrad 018_edit

It was a whirlwind trip — we were there less than 24 hours — but a good one. We’ll be back for more this summer!


Stay tuned for more of our Memorial Day Weekend adventures!

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