It’s not every day you get a party invitation that doubles as an excuse to wear Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts, but Luke & Jennifer’s 2nd Annual Pool Opening Party did just that. I already shared one photo from the luau last week because I just couldn’t help myself — these pictures make me smile. This post is short and sweet on words — so we can focus our attention on these photos of happy people having a good time with each other.

LTYMperformance 051_edit
Jeff, Sarah, Luke, Jennifer, Keith, Don. LOVE these faces.

LTYMperformance 025_edit

LTYMperformance 023_edit
I’ll bet I have close to 100 photos like this of these two. They insist on taking THIS photo nearly every time we all get together.
LTYMperformance 013_edit
Colt’s expression and stance make me laugh so hard. I LOVE this photo.

LTYMperformance 028_edit

LTYMperformance 033_edit

LTYMperformance 040_edit

LTYMperformance 043_edit
I have absolutely no idea what’s going on here, but it involves a grass skirt and a lightsaber – what’s not to like? Those are the other two sweet kiddos from the party — Ryder and Willow.

LTYMperformance 046_edit

LTYMperformance 045_edit_crop
This party made it the THIRD weekend in a row we got to hang out with Keith and Don — none of us can remember the last time that happened.

LTYMperformance 030_edit

LTYMperformance 054_edit
Colt and Willow. Since that day it’s been Willow-this, Willow-that. “Mommy, I need to know what Willow’s favorite color is.” “Mommy, do you think Willow is at Ms. Jennifer’s house today?” We’ve decided we need to set up another play DATE at the pool – stat.

LTYMperformance 057_edit

LTYMperformance 065_edit

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