It all really started the day before. His last day to be four. Everything, all day. “This is my last shower when I’m four!” “This is my last breakfast corndog when I’m four!” “Oh my goodness, Buddy, this is your last haircut when you’re four!” “When you wake up tomorrow you’ll be FIVE!”

Goodnight, four year old.

Then, Tuesday. June 18th. The day which five years earlier had changed it all forever. THE day.

5thbirthday 074_edit

Good morning, FIVE year old!

After a specifically-requested birthday breakfast of blueberry muffins, it was time to don the birthday shirt. Well, one of them. I can’t remember how the birthday shirt tradition went from one shirt to two shirts, but it’s a thing now. And he was SUPER excited to get dressed for school in his new shirt and matching bright orange shorts. Yes, the 5 is wearing a toolbelt. God bless Etsy.

5thbirthday 012_edit

I predict that shirt is threadbare by this time next year.

His school really does a great job of finding ways to make the kiddos feel special on their birthdays — not the least of which is… the birthday crown. This is who I picked up from school that afternoon.

5thbirthday 013_edit

5thbirthday 015_edit

He got to pick the colors and judging from the smudges, tears, and paint smears — this crown was in on some serious fun that day.

In addition to the birthday shirt tradition, we always take a family photo in our backyard on the anniversary of the day we became a family of three. We set up the tripod and the timer and I run back and forth checking each one until everyone is looking and smiling and no fingers are in noses.

5thbirthday 018_edit

And you may have noticed we’ve moved on to Birthday Shirt #2. And new pants. Since the orange ones had suffered the typical day at school and were filthy beyond redemption for the evening.

5thbirthday 027_edit

You MAY have also picked up on the orange theme. We have yet to successfully convince him that Razorbacks just don’t look good in (burnt) orange. We’re working on it. (At least he doesn’t insist on liking purple and gold…)

5thbirthday 024_edit

5thbirthday 019_edit

After the boys humored me with a few more backyard pictures — including the one above which we got with ONE CLICK and just might be my favorite photo of all-time — we headed for bad pizza and good fun at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

5thbirthday 057_edit

Typically, we shy away from any and all arcade games requiring skill, timing, or strategy. Dumb luck? Pure chance? Hood, party of three! Eventually we scrape together the fruits of enough dumb luck to trade our tickets for a prize. It’s a solid strategy.

More orange! And Scooby Doo! Happy Birthday, Buddy.

5thbirthday 047_edit

5thbirthday 052_edit

5thbirthday 064_edit

After pizza, games, and cake we headed to the bookstore to spend some birthday money on new Scooby Doo books. Then, sadly, it was time for THE DAY to wind down. We read some Scooby Doo and we read the Birthday Book, and it was time to “go to bed for the first time when I’m five.”

5thbirthday 072_edit

Goodnight, five year old.

5thbirthday 079_edit

{If you missed the birthday video from Tuesday, click here to enjoy!}

2 thoughts on “And then he was five.

  1. Glad he enjoyed “his” day and that he liked the toolbelt shirt. Hopefully he will get more use from it than this one special day.

  2. Thanks for stopping by — he’s had so many compliments on the shirt! And he will probably wear it OUT before long. May have to get another one with a 6 next year ;) Thanks again for helping make his birthday fun!

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