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This week I was thrilled to guest post at Arkansas Women Bloggers and share the story of my sweet sister friend Tara and her precious boys. The theme was “women who inspire us” — and I was delighted Tara agreed to let me share. Read the full story over at Arkansas Women Bloggers by clicking HERE. And visit Tara’s blog HERE.


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Having successfully resisted the urge to Google “what diseases can I get from the filthy water at the Warrior Dash?” I spent Tuesday morning in a doctor’s office after starting my week with what I’ve lovingly dubbed “The Funk”. I was still not completely convinced the mud pit hadn’t infected me with something unspeakable, and I even tried to give an honest answer when the doctor asked, “now, you did WHAT this weekend? WHY?” But I left his office satisfied he had poked and prodded me enough that if I actually DID have a critter living in my ear, he’d have found it. *sigh*

While telling this story to a friend this week, I was reminded of another classic self-diagnosis tale — aka The Time I Thought I Had Knee Cancer. Get the full story here.


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Listen to Your Mother is less than a week away and I was one of a handful of cast members asked to read an excerpt of my piece on the air during our local morning news this week! The below photo was taken on set that morning — and apparently it was Wear Purple Day! I am so lucky to have met these ladies — Jodi, Courtney, and Rhonda. And there are 10 more of us! The video clip of our readings plus a live interview with show co-producers Lela and Stephanie is HERE. And there are a few more tickets to give away to this sold out show — check that out here.

LTYM Cast_Fox News Edge


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If you’ve waded this far through the Friday Grab Bag, you deserve a prize. And I think we can all agree that a silly photo of the monkey child is a fantastic prize. Here he is with his BFF Scout, all bundled up during the storms earlier this week. I am eternally grateful to his preschool teacher for texting me gems like this from time to time.

Colt + Scout

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