A few months ago, when our friend Keith declared he wanted to run the Warrior Dash this year, we were happy to join in. Add Becky to the mix and we’ve got a team. Then add our respective entourages and we have a party!

So last weekend we loaded up and headed for Oklahoma — looking for some mud.

Warrior Dash (16) (Large)

Now, Jeff and I did a Warrior Dash a few years ago (because we couldn’t think of a more romantic way to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary!) and Becky lost her mind and did a Tough Mudder last fall — but Keith, poor sap, was about to embark on his first race of any kind, ever.

Spoiler alert: We all survived. Even Keith. But he says our friendship is currently under review.

Between the waterproof disposable cameras we had on the course and the official race photos (which you know I had to buy) and the photos taken before and after by Becky’s friend Zeek — we have about 7000 photos of this thing. It’s that kinda fun. I managed to whittle it down to a few favorites for a quick video, so sit back and enjoy —


Warrior Dash 2013 from Sarah Hood on Vimeo.

{Click here if you don’t see a video.}

Don and Zeek were so kind to keep Colt while Jeff, Becky, Keith and I were on the course. Thanks guys! He had a ball and is still talking about that “cheese” you fed him. Maybe we should call it “Warrior Food”.

Warrior Dash (53) (Large)

Mmm, cheese.

Warrior Dash (178) (Large)

The obstacles and the mud were more intense than the last time we ran the Dash a few years ago. Maybe – like anything – I’ve forgotten over time, but I’ll tell you what! THIS wasn’t on the course last time!


Doesn’t look that hard, right? I didn’t think so either! It was one of the first obstacles! Jeff shimmied across, then Keith, then Becky. Then me… I got up to the plank, which was two 4x4s nailed together, and just froze. I tried to breathe and calm down, but my legs were shaking so badly I knew I would fall. So I backed up onto the landing and let a few people go ahead. I tried again. And again. But I couldn’t get more than about two feet from the landing before I would freeze again. C’mon legs! Cooperate! Jeff was down on the ground shouting encouragement — “Come on! It ain’t Half Dome!” And I thought – exactly! What was my problem? This mountain-climbing, marathon-running, bungee-jumping girl couldn’t walk across an 8 inch beam 10 feet in the air! I think I found my kryptonite!

I was just about to go back down the ladder and forget it when my sweet baby sister jumped in to help. She walked BACK across the planks from the other side and held my hand as we shuffled across together.


I guess my dreams of a second career as a tightrope walker are officially shattered.

As I looked through the photos this week, I discovered another favorite moment. The fire. Our “fire picture” from last time was so good we have it hanging in our house. So this time we thought we’d go for a GROUP fire photo. Evidently, that was too ambitious. Not only was it too ambitious for the race photographers as they didn’t get a single photo of all four of us in the same shot, but you’d be surprised how hard it is for four people to jump OVER FIRE. IN UNISON.


Incidentally, trying to stitch together this photo to FAKE a photo of all four of us — also too ambitious. So a side-by-side is what you get.

But please note Becky – on the end. She barely stepped over that thing! Becky – you need a redo! Maybe we can stage some fire in the backyard and you can practice.

As expected, we had a crazy good time. Eventually, Keith will remember that it was HIS IDEA and forgive us for trying to kill him with mud and humidity. He may even forgive us enough to sign up for another one — it’s been known to happen.

Warrior Dash (352) (Large)

We weren’t even the people with the youngest kiddo out there! Colt was such a trooper — a great little warrior.

Warrior Dash (438) (Large)

Thanks again, Warrior Dash. For the bruises, the mud, the sunburn, and the people watching. Always a pleasure.

4 thoughts on “Back for more

  1. 0:45, the single greatest view anyone has ever wanted to see!

    1. Me-yow!

  2. Don’t feel too bad about the walking the plank. We had 4 people in our group go around it. I, however, skipped acrossed it. I love heights.

  3. I can’t figure out whether it was the height or something else. I’m not CRAZY about heights, but I’ve never had that kind of panic moment either! Ugh.

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