6 thoughts on “This mug

  1. Yes, I can just hear him. He is a cutie! Glad you were able to get him to let you snap his picture. laurie

    1. He’s a monkey! Sometimes, it’s either pictures like this — or no pictures! :)

  2. What an adorable pic! Boys are so awesome. I’m always taking tons of pics of my 3 year old son, to the point where people actually think I’m “playing favorites”. (I have 3 girls, too.) Not playing favorites, we are just together more because he doesn’t go to school yet. But I’m ranting. Anyway, great blog and I will be back!

    Jessica Scott

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Jessica! There’s something special about little boys and their mamas, huh? :)

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  5. "GOD MADE IT HAPPEN." The rebels made that happen. If "God made it happen" then the rebels could of all just sat in their chairs and it would magically appear. but it didn't. People actually have to get off their but and do something.

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