When Kim, editor-in-chief of Peekaboo NWA, asked us to be part of the Mother’s Day issue this year, I knew it would be fun. As the plan unfolded, it meant a trip to 3 Monkeys to try on clothes, a photo shoot with the lovely and talented Kim Ginn ofPeekaboo_May2013 Sweet Portrayal Photography, and I even got to contribute a little something, which I’m always thrilled to do.

The issue is out! If you live in Northwest Arkansas and you’re not familiar with Peekaboo – swing by just about anywhere and pick up a copy for free. If you’re NOT in NWA, check out their website and find them on Facebook, and read my piece here.

You may recognize Sweet Portrayal from a post a few months ago — Kim did our family photos back in January and they are some of my absolute favorite photos of our little family. Despite my constant worry that Colt is a total goofball, Kim is such a talent and gets some really great shots.




[typography font=”Copse” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#1d305f”]Special thanks![/typography] [unordered_list style=”bullet”]
  • To 3 Monkeys Children’s Boutique, for letting this little monkey keep the trendy, funky shoes his mother would never buy him — such a sweet gift after the photo shoot.
  • To Kim at Sweet Portrayal Photography, for having more patience than is humanly possible with four-year-old boys.
  • And to Kim at Peekaboo, for thinking of us and allowing us to be part of this year’s Mother’s Day. We loved it!

2 thoughts on “There’ll be no living with him after this!

  1. More beautiful photos!! And, for the record, I get it… I want those shoes, too. ;)

    1. The only other person who takes photos like this of my family is YOU.

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