We had no big (travel) plans for Easter this year, but we were lucky enough to spend the day with family (my sister Becky), and friends who might as well be family.  We grilled, ate, and I somehow convinced Keith and Don the mess would be minimal and we should dye Easter eggs at their house. The sun came out after what felt like a week of cold rain — and it was a beautiful day to be outside enjoying each other. Happy Easter from the Hoods!

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First, church.
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Attempted kisses from Ace.

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Slight overkill. I only hard-boiled a dozen eggs and there were twelve colors in the egg-dying kit. From the looks of the little color tablets, we couldn’t tell “blue” from “denim” from “teal” — so we prepped them all!

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Becky’s friend Bao (pronounced “Bow”, as in ‘take a bow’) joined us, too. Bao is a Masters student at the University of Arkansas — originally from China. Bao and Becky are paired together this semester as part of an International Student mentoring program.
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Very few holidays go by without everyone being coerced into a group photo. L-R: Bao, Becky, Colt, Jeff, Sarah, Don, Keith. Happy Easter!

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He will probably kill me for posting this. Happy Easter, Keith!

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  1. LOVE your Easter outfit in the top picture!

    1. Thank you!

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