A few weeks ago, a box showed up at our house. Inside, we found this —

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I’ve noticed lately that you have been trying on different hats. In your quest to find yourself, I thought it important to give you my input.

Trains are Big!
Trains are Fast!
Trains are Noisy!
Trains are Fun!

So I have sent you a starter trainman kit. The yellow handle is the key to the locomotive — gotta have it, or no go! It fits every locomotive on every railroad. The hard hat can be handy when “wrenching”. The lantern has two settings — flashlite & signals. I added 3 engineer hats, not wanting to make Mom & Dad jealous.

Hope you find these fun if not useful.

Love, Great Uncle Dave

Over the years, Colt has been a pretty lucky kid. He’s been introduced to firemen, worker unionpacific 006_editbees, farmers — you name it. Sometimes, it feels like every day is career day around here. And now, a train engineer.

My Uncle Dave, Colt’s GREAT Uncle, sent the box of Union Pacific train gear so Colt could try it out for size. From the minute he opened the box to find “train tools!” he’s been taking this new career consideration very seriously — not surprising.

The heavy duty flashlight has come in quite handy for train-related jobs and non-train-related jobs alike, the hat is “a REAL one”, and without question, his favorite is the key. It absolutely blew his mind that it fits EVERY train. I think he has plans to test that!

One of the best parts of the train tool package – which was probably a bit lost on Colt – was the delivery. Here’s a closer look:

Uncle Dave_pg1_crop

Career Day – part 2! Uncle Dave got all fancy and used a piece of stationery from my Grandpa Martin’s business. 155 Nebraska SW was the address of the house in which my grandparents lived in Huron, South Dakota for over 50 years — raising 10 kids!

Thanks Uncle Dave, for both a career day opportunity and a fun piece of family history. He’s more and more prepared to make the big decisions in life.

Colt – first day with the box. In fact, THAT IS the box. Playing the part of a train car.
FB_Uncle Dave_edit
Uncle Dave! I showed Colt this photo on Facebook (right before I shamelessly stole it to use here) and he insisted on wearing overalls, too. FOR DAYS. Gotta look the part, right?

2 thoughts on “Career Day

  1. I love the letter with the package – all of the time spent writing it makes it even more special. Nobody writes letters anymore. I think it’s so sweet that your son’s great uncle did all of that for him! My dad has a friend who is an actual train engineer, and he took my son out to his house to see his model trains when my son was in kindergarten. Will still talks about it.

    1. I know! There’s nothing quite like a handwritten note!

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